Term & Condition

I. How to book our tours

1. Send request for quotation

2. Finalize itinerary and price

3. Confirm booking

4. Deposit or full payment (case by case) to guarantee booking

5. Pack your bags and travel


I. Deposit & Final payment

The deposit and final payment policy will be adjusted and agreed between NAM Travel and clients when booking is confirmed. The policy is applied case by case depending each specific booking. It will be most flexible and convenient for clients.


III. Methods of Payment:

Flexible case by case- we will discuss before confirming booking: by bank transfer, money gram, Western Union, cash... 

IV. Cancellation & Refunds

The cancellation policy will be agreed between NAM Travel and clients when booking is confirmed. The policy depends on the class of hotels we book, low or high season etc. We offer the most flexible and convenient policy for clients.


V. Travel Documentation

All clients must possess a valid passport and necessary visas or permits at the commencement of travel. All such documentation is the sole responsibility of the client. Your travel advisor may assist you in applying for the necessary travel documentation upon request. NAM Travel accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the failure of clients to obtain appropriate documentation. 

VI. Health Requirements

Clients should take into account all international travel risks and familiarize themselves with health requirements applicable to the areas they intend to visit. The client is solely responsible for checking the safety and security conditions, vaccination, and other health requirements of governments in countries visited or transited. This is a necessary requirement because of the possible effects that the very high altitude may have on certain people.

VII. Luggage Allowance

In accordance with regulations of the General Administration of Civil Aviation of Vietnam, the free baggage allowance within Vietnam is 20kg for the economy class, 30kg for the business class, and 40kg for the first class, plus limited carry-on luggage. Excess baggage charges are the sole responsibility of the client. Regulations within Vietnam specify that all suitcases must have a locking device attached. Failure to follow this regulation may result in refusal by airport staff to load suitcases onto the aircraft.

Noted: the above language allowance not applied with budget Airlines. 

VIII. Insurance

NAM Travel's tour packages not include Vietnam Life Tourist Accident/Casualty Insurance and all insurance are not part of our package or customize or excursion. We highly recommend that you purchase full coverage travel insurance from you country of origin.

IX. Complaints and Claims

Shall you feel unsatisfied with any service NAM Travel has provided, please notify your local tour guide or your travel advisor to avoid the potential for similar problems happening again during your trip.

In the event of a complaint or claim for compensation, you must inform us by email, regular mail, or facsimile in writing within 15 days from the end of your tour. Relevant receipts and substantiating evidence must be attached to the letter of claim. NAM Travel will not be liable for any claims made later than 15 days after the completion of your tour. 

X. Modification or Discontinuance of Service 

NAM Travel reserves the right to modify or discontinue service to clients who behave illegally or objectionably toward its employees and agents. Offensive behavior includes behavior which is obscene, racially offensive or of a sexual nature.

XI. Customers' information
All information of customers is private and confidential. NAM Travel only sends information to the third party such as hotels, cruises, airlines for reservation purposes. NAM Travel will not post any photos or contacts or any information of our clients on any websites. Clients' private information is safe!