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Hanoi Overview

Hanoi still evokes memories from the French colonial days with the gracious mansions that border the tree-lined boulevards and the aromas of fresh coffee and exquisite pastries. Its many beautiful parks, lakes, leafy avenues and monuments give the city a breeze of elegance and harmony with nature. However wander into the tangled maze of narrow streets filled with hawkers and handicraft shops that is the Old Quarter and prepare to be transported back to the days of 'Old Asia'. With over a thousand years of history, this is one of Vietnam's most lively and unusual places where you can buy anything from a gravestone to silk clothes.

Hanoi's Attractions:


Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum
This commanding stone monument houses the embalmed remains of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam's national hero.

Ho Chi Minh's Stilt House 
The humble two-room stilt house where Ho Chi Minh lived and worked from 1954-8 has been preserved just as he left it.

Ho Chi Minh Museum
This museum showcases mementos of Ho Chi Minh's life and his struggle for Vietnamese independence.

One Pillar Pagoda (Chua Mot Cot Thu Du) 
Built by an emperor in the 11th century, this pagoda is a Buddhist representation of the world in the form of a lotus flower emerging from the water.

Hoan Kiem Lake
Legend has it that in the mid-fifteenth century, Heaven gave Emperor Ly Thai To a magical sword which he used to drive the Chinese out of Vietnam. One day whilst boating on the lake a giant golden tortoise grabbed the sword. Since then, the lake has been known as the 'Lake of the Restored Sword'.

Temple of Literature
Founded in 1070 and dedicated to Confucius, the walled courtyards and graceful gateways of Vietnam's first university make this one of the best-preserved examples of traditional Vietnamese architecture.


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