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Phan Thiet Travel Guide

Phan Thiet Overview

This is one of the most relaxing getaways in Vietnam and is about 200 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City on the southernmost stretch of Central Vietnam. The town of Phan Thiet itself is a bustling little fishing port and is known for its unique round boats and lovely beach resorts, while nearby Mui Ne is famous for its giant orange sand dunes. The most popular resorts are scattered along the stretch of beach between the two. Around the city there are various opportunities to see local life, cultural heritage and natural beauty. 

Phan Thiet's Attractions:

Mui Ne Sand Dunes
These ever shifting sand dunes range in colour from white to red and is a great place to try your hand at sand sledding. A walk to the top offers views of the town and surrounding countryside. Walk along Fairy Stream to see rock formations and a small canyon.

Duc Thanh School
In 1910 President Ho Chi Minh taught Chinese, Vietnamese and martial arts to the second class at Duc Thanh School. The school has preserved many objects that relate to the life of Ho Chi Minh, such as his writing table, ink-slab and wooden bed.

Ta Cu Mountain 
Ta Cu Mountain is a beautiful rainforest and is the site of the largest reclining Buddha in Vietnam. Visitors can ride the gondola for a small fee or walk the mountain trail for free and discover the mountain-top temple. 

Van Thuy Tu Temple
Thu Tu fisherman built the temple in 1762 to worship the whale. There are nearly 100 whale skeletons, and in the temple area there is a large burial ground for dead whales, which sometimes get stranded on the shore. 

Ocean Dunes Golf Club This is a top-notch 18-hole, par 72 course designed by Nick Faldo located near the beachfront. 

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