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Quang Binh Over View

Quang Binh is a northern coastal province of Central Vietnam ( about 500km far from Hanoi capital) - the land of biggest cave in the world - Son Doong, shares its eastern border with the East Sea, its northern line with Ha Tinh province, its southern area with Quang Tri province and its western border with Lao.The province's width is quite short, only 50 km from its border with Lao to the seashore, making it the narrowest province on the map of Vietnam.
The total area of this province is 8.065,27 km² with Dong Hoi city as the province's capital, together with such other districts as Tuyen Hoa, Minh Hoa, Quang Trach, Bo Trach, Quang Ninh & Le Thuy.The province's population is only 847,9 thousands people, including mainly Kinh and some small ethnic minority groups of Bru- Van Kieu & Chut, residing unevenly with 19.64 % in the city and 80.36% in the countryside. The life of people are still poor comparing with other provinces but they are really friendly & hospitable.
The province's topography is quite narrow and steep slopping down from the west to the east.While 85% of the total area is mountains, there are also other types of terrain such as hills, valleys, highlands, plains, etc. However, almost all of the areas in the West of Quang Binh are mountains, which usually have the height of 1’000 to 1’500, among which Phi Co Pi is the highest peak.  On the East side, there are many beautiful beaches along the seashore such as Nhat Le, Bao Ninh, Da Nhay.... Trips to Quang Binh, it is not only great to explore the great beauty of limestome mountains with many awesomely beautiful caves, but also a chance to have relaxing beach breaks on smoothy white sand beaches in the regions.
Quang Binh's weather & climate.
Quang Binh is located in a tropical region which has the effects of both Northern climate and Southern climate. There are two separate seasons: the rain season which lasts from September to March with an average rainfall of 2’000 – 2’300 mm/year, and the dry season which lasts from April to August with an average temperature of 24oC - 25 oC.It is the best to explore Quang Binh's landscapes on dry season ( April to August) when you can have a nice weather with sunlight & blue sky - a good time to explore beautifully hidden caves (by boat or treks) which are normally impossible to approach in the rainy season ( September to March) due to regular water increase to flood the caves.
Quang Binh's tourism potentials
Thanks to its diverse topography with geogous mountain ranges & coastal lines, Quang Binh has a big potential to develop its tourism with pristinely white-sand beaches as weekend beach breaks, and with beautifully UNESCO- heritaged Phong Nha - Ke Bang national park which offers you the great adventure journeys to explore the forested jungles, its beautifully hidden cave systems and scenic waterfalls - surely bring you a great & unforgetable experiences.
Besides the journeys to explore natural landscapes with leisure beach vacations, unique treks & boat trips to explore the great cave systems : Tu Lan cave, Son Doong cavern, Thien Duong cave......, on trips to Quang Binh, you can take part in cultural tours visiting historical & cultural sites ( because this land was ever both the intersection of many cultural movements and the battle ground of two wars in the 20th century) such as Hoang Phuc temple, Suot Mother statue, ancient Dong Hoi citadel, Vung Chua - Dao Yen ( the last resting place of therespected general Vo Nguyen Giap).....

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