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Halong Bay Travel Season

Halong Bay Travel Season    
There are two peak seasons on Halong Bay: June & July for local and Asian travellers and December to February for tourists from frigid and temperate zone.
The first peak season is the summer holiday in Vietnam and children often have 3 months off school. It's a busy time of the year when families take time out of their hectic lives to spend quality time together. On the second peak season, after the heat and humidity of the summer, the cooler temperatures - usually between 15oC to 23oC - are ideal for sightseeing and touristic activities. Typically, Halong Bay attracts tourists from Europe, America and other countries experiencing cold winters. If you are considering visiting Halong Bay during the second peak season, you should note that prices are generally 10 to 20% higher than the off-peak season, although you can still grab a bargain. Availability may be an issue, so book your cruise early to secure a slot  in accordance to your preference with the best price.
Temperatures in the first off-peak season, which are April & May, ranges from between 22oC to over 32oC, humidity is around 70%. With an average of ten hours of sunshine, water activities - like fishing, kayaking, diving and swimming - are an ideal respite from the heat. The second one lasts from August to October when it is fall and the weather turns cooler. This time of year usually attracts visitors from Europe, USA as well as other Asian countries like Japan, Korea, Singapore. During this time, cruises have lowest number of guests, which also means that popular tourist spots are less crowded and much more enjoyable. Travelling to Halong Bay at this time will guarantee you the best price, particularly if you cruise between August and October. You should be aware that August is monsoon time, choose a flexible rate so you can change your departure date if necessary.

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