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Experience the serene magic of world famous Halong Bay with 2 days 1 night onboard

The boats built in traditional and elegant style. With spacious cabins, tastefully furnished, its topside bar, a gourmet restaurant and a relaxed sundeck in fresh air, not to mention extraordinary levels of service.
Ha Long Bay has been a popular destination for travelers in Vietnam for decades. Halong Bay is a visual poem of vibrant color, from the emerald green waters on which glide brilliant blue fishing boats, to the deep orange sunsets that morph into an enigmatic purple. Towering and jungle-topped, the karst formations jut dramatically from the ocean- a playground for mischievous monkeys and nesting ground for soaring birds of prey.
Experience the serene magic of world famous Halong Bay with 2 days 1 night onboard, The boats built in traditional and elegant style. With spacious cabins, tastefully furnished, its topside bar, a gourmet restaurant and a relaxed sundeck in fresh air, not to mention extraordinary levels of service.
Halong Bay Cruises offers service with style. You can enjoy active pursuits such as swimming, snorkeling, fishing and kayaking in the crystal clear blue waters. We also run cookery demonstrations for those interested in learning the art of Vietnamese cooking. It's up to you: you can make your cruise as busy or as lazy as you like.
I chose to take a tour with Indochina Legend that I purchased from the online travel agency at HalongBayCruise.vn. I was a bit hesitant to book a tour right after I got off the plane, but the travel agent offered me a discount on a taxi if I bought a tour with them.
We got picked up early in the morning by a bus for the long drive to HaLong Bay. During the bus ride, our guide introduced himself and explained the tour, along with some brief history lessons and jokes. We stopped once for a bathroom and snack break and eventually reached Halong Bay around lunchtime.
When we boarded our boat, which was also our accommodation for the night, we almost immediately got lunch and started sailing. The food was absolutely great and everyone could find something they liked! Vegetarian, chicken, seafood, rice; it was more than enough for everyone on board.
The cabins also decorated with its own air-conditioned, private ensuite, and rustic rattan furnishings private toilets. What sets our rooms apart through is our attention to details: wooden paneling, crisp white linen and colorful. romantic water views, allowing you to enjoy the bay from the privacy and comfort of your own cabin. Deluxe Cabins come equipped with a spacious private marble bathroom, large glass standing hot shower, hair dryer, plush towels and luxurious complimentary toiletries.
After we got settled into our cabins, we were asked to jump onto another smaller speed boat to sail to some places where the bigger boats weren’t allowed to go. First, we got to go kayaking in a grotto where we saw monkeys scampering along the cliffs. After we all came back on board the boat, the tour guide took us to see a cave. but I have to say it was interesting to see a cave that was basically in the middle of the sea. Our guide was also excellent for the entire tour, explaining everything to us and constantly making jokes.
When we came back to our boat we had time to rest, watch the sunset, and take part in the preparation of our dinner appetizer: spring rolls. Meals are one of the highlights on Halong Bay Cruises. You will have the chance to enjoy seafood, local food and Vietnamese vegetarian food created by our experienced and well-qualified chefs. A healthy and refined cuisine with exotic flavors featuring Vietnamese herbs, spices and other well-known traditional specialties . The dining room is designed in oriental style bringing you a cozy, intimate and romantic atmosphere with the wonderful scenic backdrop of the soaring limestone cliffs. The dining room is also the major entertainment area, allowing you either your individual moments or to share laughter and games with others. After dinner, we just hung out with the other tourists and drank and played cards.
The second day, wake up to a marvellous sunrise and join in a traditional Tai Chi session. Then cruise to the amazing Sung Sot Cave and gaze at the naturally formed stalagmites and stalactites. The weather was beautiful so I can’t really complain that we got to spend some time relaxing on lounge chairs in the sun. It offers you pleasant, relaxing music, fresh air and an impressive variety of cocktails. A delightful place to socialize and watch the sun slip into the Bay. At the end of your trip, relish a buffet brunch before cruising back to the marina, where your transfer to the hotel awaits you.
I think I was incredibly lucky to go to Ha Long Bay. The place was stunning and I’d recommend it to anyone heading to Vietnam!

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